Data center of excellence is the need of the hour

Hybrid data-warehouse capitalizes the strengths of both solutions

Mean-reversion or trend-following are two sides of a coin

Capital allocation with Convex Optimization, Kelly’s Criterion & Markowitz Efficient Frontier

Image by author

How momentum trading strategy can yield sustainable return

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Mean-variance Convex portfolio optimization model

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Robust validation process of time-dependent series

Optimize time-series with Walk-Forward Validation

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Event driven back-testing with mean reversion trading strategy

Support & resistance levels thresholds for trading signal generation

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Neural network with weighted class

Difficult task of solving Imbalance Class distribution

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Performance Assessment of Ensemble Learning

AdaBoost, RUSBoost & SMOTEBoost to improve the classification performance

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Which accuracy metrics to use for imbalanced class use case?

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Intraday Trading Models

Intraday high frequency trading using EMA’s

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Sarit Maitra

Analytics & Data Science Practice Lead

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